About us

About us

The Sevenoaks Vine Club is the umbrella club supporting playing sections for both Cricket and Hockey in Sevenoaks. These playing sections are:

  • The Sevenoaks Vine Cricket Club
  • The Sevenoaks Hockey Club
  • The Sevenoaks Junior Hockey Club

On behalf of its sporting sections, the Sevenoaks Vine Club:

  • Promotes and advertises the sports of cricket and hockey.
  • Promotes and hosts flagship events such as the Vine Cricket Week and the Veteran’s Hockey Festival.
  • Is the route by which prospective members contact the Club.
  • Operates the Vine Pavilion including club house and bar.
  • Holds the leases and/or title to the various facilities used by the playing sections.


  • Prospective members contact the Club via the Sevenoaks Vine Club.
  • Having selected their chosen sport or sports, they then follow the membership process for cricket or hockey sections (or both).
  • New members also become members of the Sevenoaks Vine Club.

Sevenoaks Vine Club is managed by a voluntary committee made up of representatives from Sevenoaks Hockey Club and Sevenoaks Vine Cricket Club. Contact the committee using the Contact Us page